Project 1 flier


  • Description: This is a black and white promotional flier I created for a company called Vouant Communications to advertise their annual Graduate Leadership Conference.
  • Process: I created this flier using Adobe InDesign. Before launching the program, I sketched out several possible designs on a piece of paper to “get the creative juices flowing.” Once I had a good idea of what I wanted to do, I launched InDesign. I decided to use a lot of contrast because college campuses are full of promotional fliers, so I wanted it to really stand out. To create contrast, I  created high value contrast between the title and its background (white vs. black) and contrasted the several rectangle shapes with the circular image on the left. In order to foster a feeling of unity, I chose to repeat a few things throughout the design: the thin black rectangle at the bottom of the design that echos the thick black rectangle at the top, the two grey rectangles, and the logo with the circle in it which echos the circular image. In order to create a sense of hierarchy and flow, I left a lot of negative space around the title (in addition to the value contrast mentioned earlier) and chose a picture where the subject is looking toward the body copy.
  • Message: I’m communicating to graduating college seniors that they should attend the annual Graduate Leadership Conference presented by Vouant Communications. Specifically, I want to attract responsible, “go-getter” leaders. For this reason, I chose to emphasize the word “Leader” in the title. I’m also communicating that, in addition to being a beneficial conference where they can learn leadership skills, it will also be fun and enjoyable. I did this by using a picture of a girl laughing and having fun and by using a more casual, slightly bubbly font for the title.
  • Audience: “Go-getter” graduating college seniors
  • Top Thing Learned: The biggest thing I learned in creating this flier was how important and helpful it is to sketch possible designs before using a design program.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Arial Rounded MT Bold, Sans Serif
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Lucida Bright, Oldstyle
  • Links to images used in this project:

1.) Logo –

2.) Image –


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